The Imperfect Buddha Podcast 4.2: Tenzin Peljor is in the house!

tenzin-peljor-jpg3   Tenzin Peljor interview at Soundcloud

In this episode, we have our first interview at the Imperfect Buddha Podcast with the wonderfully insightful Tenzin Peljor, an ordained German Buddhist monk. Tenzin is no ordinary Buddhist monk, however, he is a crusader for clarity and right information, particularly in the world of Tibetan Buddhism, where he is committed to shining light on untruth. He runs two English language sites which provide a wealth of information and resources including interviews with noted Buddhist Studies academics, as well as exposes of the cultish behaviour that we discussed in our last episode. He is also one of the best informed individuals regarding the NKT and as an ex-member writes with great clarity in order to dispel the myths propagated by that group.
In this episode, he tells his story of his involvement with them and what it was that drove him to leave. We also discuss aspects of a monk’s life and explore important texts that help with leaving behind the western romanticism of Tibet.


Tibetan Buddhism in the West

Tibetan Buddhism: struggling with difficult issues


  1. Hello guys – please, please keep up the good work. I have recently been trying to get ‘real’ with my practice and the primary issue that came up was Marxist critiques of Buddhism’s translation to the west, among other Western philosophical perspectives. Having this intellectual search, which Vincent Horn has encouraged in me, continuing alongside and having impact on my practice is just part of who I am!

    I look forward to getting to sit in on more of your pub conversations about Buddhism and the West.


    1. Hi Cory,
      This is a late response to your kind words. I’m pleased you enjoy the podcast and that Vince is encouraging intellectual inquiry as well as meditation practice! Next episode will be int he next few weeks and it tackles anti-intellectualism, academia and secular Buddhism.


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