Month: April 2017

Imperfect Buddha Podcast: introducing post-traditional Buddhism (P.2)

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We finally made it. Our latest episode of the Imperfect Buddha Podcast has just been published over at Soundcloud and readers are invited to go and check it out. It is actually our twentieth episode and we have been going for well over a year now. Like all creative projects, there is a need for renewal and inspiration and you will likely notice some of this going on in the direction our conversation takes.

This episode takes forward our exploration of post-traditional approaches to Buddhism but we choose to begin with a discussion that touches on a variety of topics including Jordan B. Peterson, Sam Harris, archetypes, political correctness, and more.

We then move onto the discussion and exploration of post-traditional Buddhism, drawing on the original ideas of Hokai Sobol, and tying together all of the themes into a wonderful unitary whole…of sorts.

This episode represents change, not only for the content of our discussion, which is more serious than usual, but also for a number of sound bites which bring Sam, Jordan and Slavoj Zizek into the conversation. We hope you enjoy these and that they don’t upset the flow of the conversation, which goes deeper down the rabbit hole than usual.

Let us know what you think.

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