Month: June 2018

Meet Incite Seminars!


Welcome to a new project.

The Imperfect Buddha podcast will be collaborating with Incite seminars by bringing you short podcast interviews with workshop facilitators at upcoming events. This is done to promote such seminars, but more importantly, spread the good word and collaborate with like-minded folks.

Incite seminars act as a breeding ground for intense engagement and enquiry into the humanities. They feature a range of speakers who are experts in the field.

Incite is educational.

These podcast interviews will be shorter and featured just 10 questions with some space for discussion. They will give you a sense of what you will findĀ  by participating in the Incite seminars as well as an introduction to an important topic that you may wish to go off and read about on your own afterwards.

The first podcast will feature Ulrich Baer and he will be introducing listeners to the themes of his seminar. These include the poet Rilke, the philosopher Heidegger and notions of being and presence. The themes are all wonderfully relevant to Buddhists, traditional or otherwise.