Month: October 2018

IBP: Yves Citton on The Ecology of Attention


What is attention? Where are the boundaries between ‘my’ individual attention and that of those around me? Whose paying attention to what? And, what are the consequences of how attention is manipulated and manufactured by the media and by ideology?

Yves Citton explores these questions and many more on the podcast today with special attention paid to his fantastic book “The Ecology of Attention” which analyses attention-related phenomena emergent at a number of levels from the individual to the social arguing throughout that there are high stakes for how we understand and work with these phenomena: for teaching, performance, the environment, and freedom itself.


Yves Citton is professor of Literature and Media at the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis and executive director of the Ecole Universitaire de Recheche ArTeC. He taught for 13 years at the Université Grenoble Alpes and for 12 years in the department of French and Italian of the University of Pittsburgh, PA. He got his PhD from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and has been invited Professor at New York University, Harvard and Sciences-Po Paris.

Music for these episodes is provided by the Bristol-based artist Something Anorak. Check out his work at the Bandcamp site.

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Double Trouble: two brand new episodes!

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What follows is the spoken introduction for two new episodes of the Imperfect Buddha Podcast. I’m including it here so you can orientate to the material being posted and decide which one you would liek to listen to first. Each has its own merits and for the more astute listener, it will be worth comparing the content, contours and questions being explored by each guest. Age and generation wise, I am pretty much in the middle, and for me the two episodes have different historical and anthropological tones in terms of language, concerns and answers given. Each guest was generous with their time and we at the Imperfect Buddhas Podcast are grateful to them for coming on and discussing topics that will surely be among your own concerns. Full bios and links for each guest can be found below the spoken intro.

This week, you lucky listeners get two episodes for the price of one! Unusually for the podcast, we recorded two episodes back-to-back in just two days and for this reason they are kin, intimately connected, and shall go forth into the world as such. Each one shares the same intro, but don’t panic, it’s relatively short. Both conversations were less structured than usual. I did have questions, but allowed both conversations more space to evolve and flow, and there may even be a bit of rambling on both sides from time to time, but never enough to bore: We are exploring new creative spaces after all!

Our two guests are at opposite ends of the career spectrum and their interests and concerns mirror generational shifts towards contemplative practices. Zachery Walsh is finishing up a Ph.D. programme, while Robert Forman P.hD has retired from teaching Religious Studies at University.