New Year, New Podcast Episodes


Hey, it’s 2019 and we’re off to a bang with two new episodes! The first one is quite the experiment with our first guest host filling in for the mysterious, ephemeral stranger that is Mr Stuart Baldwin. Our first intrepid visitor is Gavin McCloskey from Northern Ireland has been China based for quite some time. He is his own man of course, and he brought some fine questions along for us to discuss. I’m afraid I did most of the talking, but Gavin had some great contributions to make and it was good having him on.

Our conversation touches primarily on practice and some of my more far out ideas emerge. You can hear Gavin’s views on Goenka and Mahasi Sayadaw and his experience of retreats with those lineages. We talk about innovation in practice, enlightenment, reincarnation, and much more.

See what you think and let us know how it goes in this experimental conversation. Feedback would be appreciated.

Our second episode features Dr Mickel Burley, a philosopher of religion from Leeds university in the UK: He wrote a fascinating book called Rebirth and the Stream of Life, which inspired me to have him on. He’s a big fan of Ludwig Wittgenstein too and we get to talking about who is widely considered the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, his thought and its uses for thinking about spirituality, Buddhism, rebirth and more. We also bridge the episode to our earlier discussion of karma and rebirth with Jayarava. Mick has also written on Hatha-Yoga, and perhaps more surprisingly, cannibalism, animal sacrifice, and the lack of imagination in philosophy surrounding rebirth and reincarnation. We also discuss philosophy East & West. Many of Mick’s article are freely available and curiously titled so so check out his university page for further links;

Here’s looking forward to another fabulous year together exploring the wonderful world of Western Buddhism, theory and practice, Philosophy, and critical, creative thought.


O’Connell Coaching:
Post-Traditional Buddhism:


Music by Stray Dogg from their fresh new album ‘Look at the Moon’





  1. Thanks for this episode (42). There’s a lot going on there with much material for thought. If you have the time I’d appreciate some links to some of the texts ye mentioned.


      1. At this late point in the witching hour, all I can recall is a mention of a particular Tom Pepper essay. I couldn’t nail the title. To be honest, I realise now that after I recheck my ‘second-listen’ timestamps, I will probably get it. Ta.


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